Who is eligible for the competition?

UBC undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoc, research associate, staff and recently graduated UBC students (within 6 months of graduation as of the registration date)

I don’t have my own idea, can I still participate?

Yes! You can attend the Innovation Social on Wednesday, October 4th. Here you can mingle and find a team with an idea you like for the competition. A resource for coming up with an idea was spoken about in our first workshop by Francis Steiner (EIR in [email protected] and Hatch) https://herox.com/ is a website where companies post problems and innovative minds get paid for solutions. Stay tuned for the online platform that we are implementing to connect free agents and form teams

What if I don’t have a team ready for the competition?

Attend the Innovation Social on Wednesday, October 4th! This event is for you to mix and mingle, exchange ideas and find a team for the competition. Register as a free-agent to get an access code to our Gravit8 platform where you can connect with teams and groups that have their own pre-formed problems.

Who will be the mentors?

Experienced entrepreneurs as well as established specialists chosen specifically to align with your team’s idea

Who will be judging the final presentation?

Angel investors, renowned specialists in the fields of Food, Health, Energy and Environment

Where can I find more info about upcoming events?

The Innovation OnBoard Schedule can be found on our website. Each event will also be posted on our facebook page closer to event date with more detailed information on the event content.

What is the minimum/maximum team size?

Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

My technology is completely software based, am I still eligible to compete?

Yes! As long as they relate to one of the three topics: Health, Energy and Environment and Food


Please do not hesitate email us if you have any further questions:

[email protected]

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